Measuring Guide

Motorised Blinds UK offers you the choice of both Recess and Exact measurement fitting. The differences between the two are outlined in this short introductory article. Explained simply; a Recess measurement is for a blind within the window frame/gap/recess whereas an exact measurement is useful for those customers who will place the blind on the wall surrounding/over the “gap” or “recess”.

Our Advice:

Please also note we do offer a measuring and fitting service, should you require it. For more information Look Here

Measuring for “Recess” Fittings

Width Measure the inside width first. Measure the top, middle and bottom in case of any uneven variations (wall out of square). Use the narrowest measurement. Apart from uneven walls, also watch out for part tiling, dado rails and any other protrusions. Drop Measure the inside drop. Measure the left, right and middle drops.

With a recess measurement, we will deduct approximately 10mm off the total width of the blind (including the brackets) to allow for comfortable fitting.

We will not reduce the drop of the blind, and usually we will put extra fabric on the roll as a precaution.

Measuring for “Exact” Fittings

Measuring for Exact Blind Size (outside the recess) If you require the exact option please select when ordering. In order to measure for an exact blind size, ensure that the measurement you give will fully cover the opening required. Width Measure the width first, across where you are intending to fit the blind.

It is important consideration that the actual fabric width of the blind is approximately 30mm less than the full bracket width (which is the exact width you are giving). Drop Measure the exact drop of the blind you require (again we will put a little extra on the roll to cover for slight variations).

If your measuring a bay window, conservatory or any other different situation please contact us and we will advise you how to proceed.


















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